Monthly Archives: June 2014

Falafel… or “Fal-Awful”

Fal-awful is much more appropriate for what I had at a restaurant not too long ago.  It can only be described as the worst falafel I have ever been served.   It was greasy and burnt to a crisp.  Against my better judgment,  I tried a tiny bite and not so graciously spit it into my napkin.

When the waiter came to clear plates and saw the entire order still sitting there he said to me
“They were burnt, I know”  
So, here is where I wanted to ask him:  If you knew they were burnt, why in the world did you ever let them leave the kitchen?!
But I was his customer, not his boss.   I was dumbfounded and could not think of a response that wouldn’t bring him to tears, so I said nothing…  I just looked at him.  

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