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Blueberry Mini Pies

blueberry mini pies3 I’m as patriotic as the next gal, but when Independence Day rolls around and you add the World Cup to that equation,  it seems everyone feels it to a near fever-pitch level of excitement…  (since I started this draft, I am sad to report the US team was knocked out by Belgium) Making good pie crust in Florida is no easy task.  I thought it was just my own shortcoming until  a friend’s sister was lamenting about the fact that she has tried on several occasions to make pie crust here and finds it impossible.    I must tell you, I exhaled a sigh of relief to end all sighs.  I was certain that it was me and that I had somehow lost my touch.   Hearing from  people who also grew up elsewhere that they find making pie crust in the steamy heat of Florida to be a nightmare…  well, that made me feel so much better.    

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