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Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark



I try, I mean I REALLY try to eat a healthy diet about 90% of the time… but, there is this issue I have with sweets.  I don’t limit myself to candy a few times a year like most reasonable people…  I limit myself to chocolate a few times a month (ok, a WEEK!),  it’s a problem but honestly I don’t care.  Chocolate Bark is one of the easiest treats to pull together and this one has fruit and nuts in it, so it’s practically health food.

We have all seen the peppermint bark for sale around the holidays.  Why limit yourself to peppermint and why limit this deliciousness to only the holidays?   While we’re on the topic, why pay $20 a pound when you can double that amount for half the price?

This treat is perfect for those times when you want a little something (which for me, is always), but you just don’t feel like turning on the oven, or getting the big stand mixer out, or cleaning up a huge mess (does anyone ever want to clean up a big mess?!).   During the summer months, I’m especially inclined to make something that allows me to have my sweet fix without having a 400 degree box of heat cranking in the kitchen.

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