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Cranberry-Orange Upside Down Cake


cranberry orange.jpg

I love desserts, this is not a secret.  Some people like over the top, more is better, super rich desserts.  These are not for me.   We were recently doing a cake tasting and the chocolate cake was so rich that I could only eat one bite.  Literally.  I don’t mean, “Oh, I couldn’t possibly…”  I mean it was so sweet that I could not eat more than a single bite.  Who wants ONE BITE of cake?!  Needless to say, some changes were made.  I need something to counter the sugar. It could be something tart like lemon or cranberry, salt to balance out the sweet or even something as simple as almost unsweetened whipped cream.   Unless it’s little pink piglets frolicking with puppies and baby monkeys in a field of wildflowers, I can’t handle that much sweetness.

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