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Rajas #SundaySupper

Rajas- Poblano Peppers sauteed with Onions and Garlic

This is officially my first post for the Sunday Supper group and it is rather serendipitous the way things work out.  You’ll see what I mean in a second…   The theme this week is “The Big Game” and everyone knows what game I’m referring to:  Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers.   My other half is a HUGE Denver Broncos fan, so this game is a Very Big Deal.

Last year, we spent a few days in Denver and I needed supplies for a quinoa salad I was making for about 100 people so we stopped into a local restaurant supply store.  In front of the store were two lovely Mexican women making gorditas.  I struck up a conversation with them  and found out they were mother and daughter.  We had quite a lovely chat about Mexico and I must tell you, they made the best gordita filled with rajas that I have had since living in Guadalajara. It was the perfect amount of heat.  The peppers were charred to perfection, the gordita was filled with gooey queso and I had fresh salsa verde on the side.

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Poutine Napoleons for #SundaySupper #FWCon


Once again this year, I will be attending the Food Wine Conference  (#FWCon) in Orlando where I get to see many of my blogger friends and attend workshops and learn about everything from improving photography to being a better writer.  We gather from May 13th – 15th at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek for a weekend packed with fun, learning and of course lots of good food.

There are several contests associated with #SundaySupper and the Food & Wine Conference, this one being for poutine using Idaho Potatoes.  The requirements were fairly straight-forward:  create a unique dish using Idaho potatoes.  That’s fairly easy, right?  The contest didn’t BAN French fries, but putting a different spin on a traditional poutine was the basis of the contest.    I have had a long-standing love of the dish and if you have never heard of the gastronomic bliss that is poutine,  THIS will help.

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White Wine Blood Orange Spritzer

2.1One of my favorite memories from childhood is having my grandfather’s siblings and their spouses at our house.  There were 10 of them  (including my grandparents) and they would get together regularly.   We would rearrange the living room to accommodate everyone,  kitchen chairs lined up beside the sofa and I would find myself seated on the floor at their feet.

This “mini-reunions” are where I learned about my grandparents and great aunts and uncles,  I heard stories about their childhoods and often I heard the same story re-told by someone else with a slightly different perspective than the original storyteller.  It was incredibly entertaining to see this group of elders challenging each other and trying to convince the other that their recollection of the same event was rather skewed.

My all time favorite story was one my grandfather told about the farmer and the watermelons.  He worked for a farmer when he was a kid and made 10 cents a day.  He gave half of that to his mother and the other half he kept for himself.  This was during the depression, so although it wasn’t much money,  he was lucky to have anything at all.  Somehow, my grandfather and one of his brothers got the bright idea that they would go to the farmer’s field at night and take a watermelon.  This was stealing, and they knew it, but they were hungry and didn’t really figure the farmer would miss one melon…  They were wrong.

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Cold Remedy Tea -Kitchen Rx

Kitchen Rx - Cold Remedy Tea

The Kitchen Prescription.  This tea has been my “go-to” for years when I’m under the weather. Lemon, mint, ginger and honey tea soothes your throat and warms you up to get you get through even the worst colds.  Winter in most of the northern states is serious.  Temperatures hovering in the single digits for weeks on end, plummeting to -20 at night, leaving you so cold that you simply can not shake the chill no matter how many layers you pile on.    I hate winter,  let me rephrase:  I loathe winter.  I loathe the snow and ice, the freezing temperatures, the slipping and sliding down sidewalks that haven’t been cleaned, chipping an inch of ice from the windshield, car doors that are frozen shut…  You get the picture.

And then you get sick.   Watery eyes, stuffy nose, scratchy throat and a cough that rattles your insides like gunfire.   You have been taken down by the common cold.   Once it gets you,  it takes weeks until you start to feel human again.  

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