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Food Friends

Greetings, All!  I am away in Idaho this week with my friends from Idaho Potato!  In lieu of posting a new recipe, I wanted to share some awesome recipes from my super talented friends.

I do hope you will check out their recipes, as I happen to think they are pretty great!  Besides being amazing in the kitchen, they are good humans and I am lucky to know them.  I can’t wait to tell you all about Idaho and the fun things happening there right now!  I’m updating and sharing pics on social media every day, so if you want to see what we’re up to, check out my Facebook page,  Instagram account or Twitter feed for the latest shenanigans.

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Chicken Noodle Soup

“Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Kitchen”.   As soon as I walk into this space, I know if that were a real commandment, I’d be breaking it.  And breaking it hard.  Those of us who cook and are forced challenged to “get creative” with minuscule kitchens feel the sting every time we walk into someone elses’s beautiful kitchen.  We look at their (audible gasp) cabinet space, counter space & WHAT?!  You have built in ovens AND a center island?!

OK, maybe that’s just me…  I look at my tiny space & feel a tinge of frustration, but remind myself that plenty of people have it worse.  Although it doesn’t usually make me feel much better when I’m balancing things on top of one another just to find a little extra space to set down a cutting board. Continue reading

Dim Sum Good Eats

Unless you live under a rock, everyone is familiar with Chinese take-out.  Let me be the one to tell you that what you are eating isn’t exactly Chinese food.  It’s like going to Taco Bell and saying you had Mexican food…

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s move on shall we?

Dim Sum.  It’s an experience like no other.  For me, it is complete and utter sensory overload and I adore every second of it.  The clinging of metal and ceramic as plates of food go whizzing by and the staccato of a language I don’t understand.  The unfamiliar smells mingled with the scents of spices I know so well amidst the hurried movements of the women peddling an array of dishes from the kitchen.  It is an assault on the senses in the very best of ways. Continue reading

Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup.  Just the name evokes thoughts of over-the-top Italian affairs, with miles of food and a Venetian hour that would make any diabetic go into a sugar coma just from looking at it.

Italian weddings in New York are a sight to be seen.  If you’ve ever watched “My Sweet Sixteen” or any of the wedding shows, then you are familiar with what I’m talking about.

Everything is over the top, extravagant and then maybe just a little more…   I was invited to an event of this magnitude last year and let me tell you, it was AWESOME.  They even had someone making cotton candy…

Thai One On…

Salty, sweet, hot & sour.  These four words describe the flavors of Thai food.  Thai food is all about balance and that is one of the things I love most about it.  The flavors hit your tongue on every level.  There is an element of all of these tastes in every bite.  The beauty of Thai food is that none of the flavors overpower the others,  they all exist harmoniously on your palate and it is some of the most unique food you will ever have.

One of my favorite things to have in warmer weather are summer rolls.  They are light and refreshing with a nice bit of crunch to satisfy the need for some texture.  The ingredients can be anything you want them to be, so if you are in the mood for these but need to use what is already on hand, no worries.
From traditional summer rolls to the ones I’ll be making today; which are a bit of a twist on tradition,  they are a great summer meal and best of all, they are easy on the wallet and on the waist.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Pho

My obsession for noodles is a direct result of my Mother’s love for all things starch.  I love noodles and I don’t discriminate.   Spaghetti with red sauce, linguine & clams, angel hair with lemon, butter and cheese, sesame noodles, lo mein with chinese vegetables, egg noodles, spaetzle, kugel (both sweet & savory), soba noodles, fideos, pancit (a Filipino noodle dish), pad thai… but then, there are noodles with broth!   Here is where I start to swoon.

During our childhood we all had chicken noodle soup, I always wanted mine extra noodle-y please (and I still do).  But now there are so many choices to feed this obsession!  Udon, those thick chewy noodles swimming in broth just waiting to be slurped up, ramen noodles (the thing we all survived on during our poor college years), beef noodle soup, Italian wedding soup and last but most certainly not least is Pho.   The Vietnamese “do it yourself” soup.

Although it felt like the middle of July, I needed my fix.  I had to have a bowl of noodles and the weather was certainly not going to deter me.  I was on a mission and there was only one place that would suffice.  I had been craving Pho for weeks and tonight was the night.

My face perched over the bowl inhaling the lime kissed broth, getting a “noodle facial” if you will… knowing full well I’m about to be in gastronomic bliss.  It’s the noodles and broth thing that really gets me.  It is the epitome of comfort food.  It’s what I want when I’m sick, when I’ve had a rough day, when it’s cold outside or when I just need a little comforting…  and this bowl of noodles did not disappoint.

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