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Lobster on Thick Cut Idaho®Potato Chips with Spicy Saffron Aioli

17-lobsterDress up your favorite Idaho® Potatoes with lobster and saffron aioli for a special holiday appetizer! Salty, crunchy thick-cut chips are a sturdy base for buttery lobster tail.  Topped with a spicy saffron aioli and chives, it makes an elegant nibble for any party.  This post is sponsored by Idaho® Potatoes. All opinions are my own.

The holiday season is upon us, which means HOLIDAY PARTIES!  It’s a special time of year, so I don’t feel guilty about a little splurge.  The end of one year, the beginning of a new one…  It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family and it’s a time to pull out all the tricks and SHINE!  I make one or two special appetizers for parties and lobster on thick-cut potato chips is no slouch.  The saffron aioli elevates it to “high falootin’ status” and this appetizer is always the first to disappear.  It looks much fussier than it actually is, everything except the chips can be made in the morning and set aside in the refrigerator for later.  This is key when you have lots to do before guests arrive.

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Behind the Scenes…

We’ve all been to schmancy events, right?   Have you ever thought about what’s going on behind the scenes?  Probably not and quite honestly, that’s the point.  You’re not supposed to.   As I’m usually working them and not actually attending,  I wanted to give you an inside peek at what really goes on while everyone is dancing, eating, drinking and making merry.  

beginning set up 2

When we arrived at the event, the designers were already there setting up the ballroom and decorating the space. There were long-stemmed white roses piled high like a snowy mountain top, their discarded petals and leaves strewn about all over the floor, the florist standing beside “rose mountain” quickly sheering off the thorns.

The musicians were setting up to do a sound check, the wait staff was beginning to trickle in and we were trying to locate the kitchen and assess the situation… 

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