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11 of My Very Best Fall Recipes


Crisp fall air and leaves turning shades of red and burnished orange, the crackle of them under your feet as you walk down the street with hands snuggled deep inside your pockets.    Autumn is by far my favorite season.  The temperatures begin to cool down at night, calling for an extra blanket or a down comforter.    This is something I miss now that I live south of the Mason Dixon line.  It’s only been 3 and a half years, but I doubt I’ll ever really get used to the lack of (distinguishable) seasons.

Fall brings so many wonderful flavors with it, but looking around Pinterest these days, you’d think there is only one:  pumpkin.   I love pumpkin as much as the next gal, but sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by “pumpkin everything”.  I’m more of an acorn squash girl, with a side of butternut and washed down with a little bourbon.  I love the tartness of cranberries as much as the sweetness of apple and although the warm spiciness of cinnamon is undeniable, I’ll take a fat handful of savory herbs any day of the week.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite fall recipes from the past 5 years on the blog,  I will warn you that some are old posts.  The recipes are still great, but the photography is lacking…  just look past the terrible photos, and hopefully you will see the vast improvements over the years.  It’s been a learning curve and I appreciate you sticking around to keep me company on the journey.





Bread and Jam





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