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Dinner Divas Weekly Menu Plan: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Dinner Divas Thanksgiving Leftovers Welcome back to Dinner Divas. This week our focus is on Thanksgiving Leftovers. Now that the holiday is over and that big bowl of mashed potatoes is staring at you every time you open the fridge, let’s repurpose those leftovers.  This week, we have everything from salad to pizza, to casseroles.  Make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss a single recipe! Here’s how it works: Every Friday morning, a new menu plan will show up in your email. It will consist of 5 dinner options, plus 2 extras. Those two extras could be side dishes, dessert, drinks, etc. The Dinner Divas weekly menu plans will feature (mostly) healthy, seasonal foods that don’t take all day to prepare. Getting the weekly menu delivered to your inbox on Friday morning gives you the chance to make your shopping list and get organized for the week ahead. I’d love to hear from you & see your creations! Post a pic using #DinnerDivas and tag @pookspantry! I hope this weekly menu plan provides inspiration and makes life a little easier… one meal at a time.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

We begin the week with Savory Mashed Potato Cakes with Pecan Butter.  The perfect quick and easy recipe for leftover mashed potatoes. Dinner Divas Leftovers Week Next in our Thanksgiving leftover makeovers is this Turkey and Biscuit Casserole from Comfortably Domestic.   Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie with Stuffing Crust is the brainchild of Pastry Chef Online.  I love this recipe so much. This Thanksgiving Cobb Salad from Girl in the Little Red Kitchen is a fantastic way to use up your leftovers in a healthy way.   Friday night is pizza night and this week is no different! Chef Next Door turns Thanksgiving leftovers into this Chicken Cranberry Walnut Pizza with Goat Cheese.  Obviously, if you have turkey leftovers, use them in place of the chicken. Finally, we move onto the extras!  This week we have a side AND a dessert. Both of which use up extra ingredients you have hanging around.  Stuffing Hash from Girl in the Little Red Kitchen is exactly what I want to eat the day after Thanksgiving.   Fresh and Dried Apple Pecan Cake from Pastry Chef Online is the final recipe on leftovers week.  I think it’s a perfect way to wrap up. See you next week for a round-up of holiday cookies for those cookie exchange parties!


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