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A few months ago, The Girl and I went to New Orleans for a little getaway.  As a properly organized food person, I had a list (a very long list) of places to eat.  That was pretty much my agenda.   Sure, there are tons of things to do in New Orleans and we did a few of them, but my main objective was food.  How could it not be?

NoLa 029

So, our itinerary pretty much looked like this Every Single Day (swapping out restaurants, of course):

  • breakfast : Café du Monde
  • lunch: Antoine’s
  • dinner: Pesche

Oh, did I mention it was restaurant week when we were there?!  Yeah, that’s like putting a fat kid in a candy store and telling him to only pick 3 things.  Not likely… 

We landed in the early afternoon, armed with our list and set off on our first place for lunch:  Po’ Boys in the French Quarter.  Thoroughly stuffed, yet always able to find room for a little sweet, we ducked into a little café to get out of the pouring rain.  It rained every single day, but we were in New Orleans and we didn’t really mind all that much… So, I had my first real beignet.  I wish I could report that it was a “mind-blowing, angels singing, sunshine flooding down from heaven, epiphany of culinary genius kind of moment” but it wasn’t.   It wasn’t Café du Monde and the next day, when I sat at a tiny little table with the Girl and a cup of café au lait, it was.   These little deep-fried pillows of sugar-dusted heaven were, for a doughnut lover like me, absolute perfection. 

Wandering around the streets is an adventure in itself.  There is always something to see or hear, like this guy:

New Orleans 2014 027

He was incredible, and so were the dozens of other musicians we heard.   There is no shortage of soul-lifting music floating through the air and it can find you at any given moment, even at Sunday brunch!

Sunday Brunch at Commander's Palace
Sunday Brunch at Commander’s Palace

NoLa 080 NoLa 081 NoLa 082 NoLa 083 NoLa 084

One of my favorite things that we did in New Orleans was a scavenger hunt.   Normally when I go on vacation,  I go out of my way to avoid the overly touristy things. This scavenger hunt took us to things that one might never know were there and I learned a lot about the history of New Orleans AND considering the amount of eating we were doing, it was probably a good idea to do a certain amount of walking!

New Orleans 2014 118 New Orleans 2014 142 NoLa Collage

I don’t want to be “that girl”, the one that sets of the projector and bores you to tears with hundreds of vacation photos (although I am very tempted), so I’ll just say that I have way too many photos of balconies, buildings, etc.   OK, just a few… I can’t help myself.

New Orleans 2014 060 New Orleans 2014 077 NoLa 047

New Orleans was an amazing trip! From the moment we landed, we wandered all over the city and I know that we barely scratched the surface of everything there is to discover.  We had incredible meals,  used a secret “front of the line card” to skip a 2 hour wait at Acme Oyster (thank you Missy!), had the best muffaletta sandwich, lots of laughs, made great memories,  and had one hell of a great time.    

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

NoLa 026


  1. Oh your photos are beautiful and really bring out the beauty and wonder of a fascinating city. And the food! If I had the chance and the money it may be all I would do in NoLA. Wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing!

    1. oh, thank you Jamie! It pained me to not put up ALL of the photos! LOL… Your photos are always stunning, so a compliment on photos from you is extra special.

  2. What a wonderful trip! I’ve never been to New Orleans, but it looks like there is so much to eat and do. I mean *see* and do. No I don’t… =)

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