25 Best Potato Sides for Burgers

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Potatoes are a great canvas for so many recipes, as they can take on tons of flavor.

CAJUN GRILLED POTATO WEDGES Easy grilled potato wedges with Cajun spices and a spicy dipping sauce make a delicious side dish.

MELTING POTATOES WITH GARLIC Melting potatoes are one of the easiest, most delicious ways to prepare potatoes.

PIMENTO CHEESE POTATO SALAD Potato salad gets a spicy makeover when it meets all the components for pimento cheese. 

VEGETARIAN POUTINE My vegetarian poutine recipe swaps out the beef gravy for a delicious mushroom gravy full of umami flavor.

SHREDDED POTATO BROCCOLI CAKES Easy and delicious potato broccoli cakes are a great make-ahead lunch or side dish.

Whether you prefer spicy, garlicky, roasted or fried, these 25 potato side dish recipes offer something for everyone.