Tender chunks of meat and vegetables are simmered in a tangy and deeply flavored tomato beef broth.

A rich and hearty beef barley soup packed with vegetables. A complete and comforting meal in a bowl. This recipe for beef barley soup is easy and straightforward.


Beef stew meat Carrots Celery Onions Garlic Flour Tomatoes Beef broth or stock  Peas Pearled barley Bay leaves Olive oil Kosher salt Black pepper Fresh parsley

Some soups are more focused on the meat, whereas I like to pack my soup with vegetables. It is mostly mirepoix, which is carrots, onion and celery. It is the base of almost every soup.

I use beef stew meat, which can be found at any grocery store. You can use whatever you prefer, but stew meat is standard for beef barley soup.

The barley cooks in the soup. While it’s cooking, it will absorb the flavorful broth, giving the barley great flavor.

Beef barley soup freezes like a dream. This makes it a great choice for make ahead meals as well.  Perfect for days when you're too busy or tired to cook.