Chocolate covered rum balls are a sweet, boozy grownup treat. They make a great addition to the holiday dessert table and they are perfect for holiday cookie exchanges.


Vanilla wafer cookies Toasted walnuts Powdered sugar Dark rum Corn syrup / honey Salt Ground allspice

CHOCOLATE COATING Dark or bittersweet chocolate chips Walnut pieces for garnish

These rum balls are made with toasted walnuts, so I used pieces of walnut as a garnish on top. Partly because it looks nice, but also to let anyone with an allergy know to avoid them.



For a nice contrast, add a white chocolate drizzle to half of the rum balls. It will dress up your platter a bit!



Tempering chocolate is a process used to make chocolate perfectly smooth and shiny. It keeps the chocolate at an optimal temperature so when cooled, it “snaps” when you break it.

I always melt chocolate over simmering water, unless I have a very small amount to melt. It’s easier to keep an eye on the chocolate and I don’t run the risk of burning it.

The chocolate coating goes dangerously well with these rum balls, making them taste like sweet, boozy, chocolate treats.