Rich broth full of fresh vegetables, hearty white beans and pasta

Classic minestrone soup is full of fresh vegetables, hearty white beans and pasta, making it a delicious and nutritious soup for dinner.


Dried white beans  Olive oil Onion Garlic Celery Carrots Vegetable broth Tomatoes Zucchini Green beans Frozen peas Elbow macaroni Italian parsley Fresh basil Salt Pepper

If you’re planning to use dry beans, the first step is to soak the beans overnight. Keep in mind that they will triple in volume after soaking and they’ll get a bit bigger after cooking.

Sauté the aromatics (or mirepoix) – carrots, onions and celery to start building a flavor base for the soup. After that, the vegetables and beans simmer in the tomatoey broth until tender.

To avoid mushy pasta, add it at the very end if you're serving the entire pot or keep the macaroni separate until you’re ready to serve your soup.

Minestrone is an easy soup recipe for dinner, it is full of nutrients and fiber and it’s always a crowd-pleaser, making it a great option for family dinners.