Pan Fried Corvina Fish

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This version gives me the crunchy texture that I want without having to plunge the corvina into a vat of oil.

INGREDIENTS - Fish - Flour - Egg - Breadcrumb - Herbs - Salt and pepper - Lemon zest

The first step is to set up your breading station. We will use a SBP (standard breading procedure) for the fish – flour, egg and breadcrumb.

Once you have your breading ingredients ready, it’s a matter of dipping them into the flour, egg, then breadcrumb and letting them sit while the pan heats up on the stove.

I recommend using a cast iron pan to cook the corvina fillets. It heats evenly and in my experience, fish doesn’t stick to the pan. 

As soon as the breaded side of the corvina is fried to a golden brown, remove it from the pan. Flip it over and place it on a parchment-lined sheet pan, then slide it onto the oven.

Besides pan fried, there are quite a few ways to cook corvina. This Atlantic fish is low in mercury and it is on the “good list“.