Hubbard Squash Recipes

Learn how to prepare this gorgeous winter squash with more than a dozen recipes to use it!

Many people stumble upon this hard-shelled, grayish blue squash at a market and assume it is ornamental, never imagining that it is not only edible, but delicious.

For an easy way to enjoy winter squash without having to peel it or do battle with your chef’s knife, the best option is to bake Hubbard squash whole. The flesh becomes soft and buttery.

Silky Hubbard squash soup with coconut milk and red curry paste is so full of flavor and simple to prepare.

Hubbard squash lasagna roll-ups are cheesy and comforting. Everything you’d want in a squash lasagna. It is covered in a creamy sauce before being baked until brown and bubbling.

This stuffed squash makes an excellent dinner. The filling is made from a wild rice blend, apples, onions and ground pork or sausage.


Hubbard squash bread is a simple homemade quick bread recipe that is full of autumnal flavors. Topped with a crunchy cinnamon sugar crown, this delicious loaf stays moist for days

Roasted Hubbard squash combined with blue cheese and sage make this Hubbard squash pasta the perfect cozy dinner for cool evenings when you’re craving comfort food.

Beautiful Hubbard squash filled with wild rice, baby kale and golden raisins, it is a healthy and filling dinner. Ready in about an hour, mostly hands-off cooking time, this is a great low key recipe.

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