Soft and cheesy potato dog treats are a delicious way to spoil your pup. The addition of potatoes keeps these treats soft, which is perfect for dogs with dental issues or senior dogs.


Russet potatoes

old fashioned oats

cheddar cheese


coconut oil

dried parsley

Cheesy Potato  Dog Treats

This quick and easy 6 ingredient potato dog treat is made with common ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. 

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First, you’ll need to boil the potato. Then use a masher or a potato ricer to break it up.

A ricer will make your treats smoother, so I recommend it. Next, combine all of the ingredients (except the water) in a large mixing bowl.

Use a sturdy spatula to combine it all together. At this point, feel your dough.  If it is a little dry and you need a splash of water, add a tablespoon of two.

Then use a small cookie scoop to portion out the treats or roll the dough out and cut out with bone-shaped cookie cutter.

Bake the potato dog treats for 20 - 24 minutes. Cool completely before giving to your pup! Then store in the refrigerator for best results or freeze for up to 3 months.