Potato Broccoli Cakes

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Shredded potato broccoli cakes with cheddar are a tasty and easy lunch or side dish. This potato recipe is perfect for making ahead for busy weeks when you need a quick meal.


Fresh broccoli  Panko breadcrumbs Baking powder Kosher salt Black pepper Granulated garlic Granulated onion Russet potatoes Cheddar cheese Eggs Oil/butter/ghee


Broccoli potato cakes are quite easy to make and if you have kids in the house, this is a perfect opportunity to get them involved.

Mix to combine thoroughly and fry the cakes. My preferred pan for these is a cast iron skillet – it makes the crispiest cakes and cooks evenly.

Savoury potato cakes with broccoli are a great make-ahead lunch. With ever-changing schedules, we could all use a quick, easy and healthy lunch option.

Another delicious option for these potato patties is breakfast! These potato vegetable cakes are similar to hash browns, so top them with an egg for a tasty way to start your day.