Pumpkin Rum Balls

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Pumpkin rum balls are the perfect treat for all of your fall celebrations.

- Crushed graham crackers - Ground nuts, - Spices and sweeteners - Rum - Honey - Salt

Mix up  the ingredients  then let the mixture chill for 30 minutes before rolling into balls.

If you’re feeling extra jazzy, roll a few in orange sanding sugar like I did.

When you scoop the rum balls, press the scoop against the palm of your hand to pack the rum ball mix.

Normally, rum balls are made with vanilla wafer cookies (and if that is your preference, by all means do that), but I wanted to make a rum ball that reminded me of fall.

These pumpkin spice rum balls don’t have quite as much rum as my original recipe, so if you are a light-weight like me, you might appreciate that.