Pumpkin Tacos with Black Beans

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Are you ready for the most delicious taco? These pumpkin tacos are not only vegan, they are also gluten-free. Roasted pumpkin tossed with chili powder and cumin, gives these tacos a ton of flavor.


- Pumpkin - Canola oil - Chili powder - Cumin - Garlic - Salt - Pepper - Sweet corn - Black beans - Pepitas - Cilantro  - Corn tortillas - Salsa - Limes 

Use a small, round pie pumpkin, also known as sugar pumpkin.   Cut it in half and remove the seeds. Toss the cut up pumpkin with spices and roast it until soft. That’s it.

Add charred sweet corn and black beans to the taco, plus a sprinkle of pepitas, or pumpkin seeds, and a bit of salsa.

For me, this taco screams fall. The spiced, roasted pumpkin mixed with charred corn, beans and pumpkin seeds give it so much flavor.

The perfect fall taco.  Great for meatless Monday dinners or Taco Tuesday, this is one delicious meal.

You can garnish your tacos with whatever you like! I’ve kept them vegan and also gluten-free by using corn tortillas, but if you prefer flour, use them.