Slow Cooker Lentil Soup with Ham

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Thick and hearty slow cooker lentil soup is full of vegetables and smoky ham.  Chunks of potatoes and carrots fill this delicious and nutritious soup, and the creamy lentils give it a wonderful texture.


Chicken stock Cooked ham Celery Carrots Baby potatoes Onion Garlic Tomatoes Bay leaves Thyme Kosher salt Ground black pepper Green lentils Kale

There are a few different variety of lentils, but the one we are using is the regular green lentil. They cook very quickly and do not require soaking.

We’re using kale in this soup, but if you have an aversion to this leafy green, or you just can’t find any suitable kale at the moment, feel free to substitute spinach.

Everything gets added to the crockpot except the kale.  Cook the soup for several hours and then purée a small portion  with blender. Add that back into the slow cooker, then add the kale to wilt. 

A hunk of crusty bread slathered with good butter is always a great option to go with soup.  If you’re looking for a salad to go with dinner, check out our site for great options.

This recipe makes 8 servings, so it is ideal for feeding a crowd. Even though we are a family of two, I make larger batches of soup for meal prepping or freezing.