Instant Pot Beef and Beer Chili

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What is the best beer to put in chili? Go with a dark beer, or the darkest beer that you enjoy. Marzen is a good choice if dark beer isn't your favorite.

Why make chili in the Instant Pot?  Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, so that means it builds up steam and pressure inside, helping food to cook at a faster rate.

This instant pot chili with beer comes out of the pot tasting like it’s already the next day and and it still continues to get better the day after.

If you prefer to leave out the beer, don’t worry, it’ll still be delicious!  It’s chili that tastes like it lazily simmered away half of the afternoon in 30 minutes.

This serves 6 VERY generously, 7 "normal" servings or 8 servings with copious amounts of cheese, avocado, sour cream and crackers .