The BEST Langostino Recipes

This delicate seafood is sweet and buttery, making it a welcome addition to almost anything!

Crunchy fried langostino are piled into French bread and dressed with a delicious remoulade sauce for the best langostino po’ boy.

Langostino pasta for two is a perfect date night dinner. Pappardelle pasta is tossed with a creamy garlic butter white wine sauce before adding delicate langostino tails.

Elevate your favorite comfort food with this delicious langostino mac and cheese. It’s so simple and satisfying!

For a twist on tradition, try this warm, buttered langostino lobster roll recipe. Sauté langostino tails, then spoon into buttered and toasted rolls for a delicious and easy treat.

Creamy langostino bruschetta - ripe tomatoes, and avocado top toasted crostini for an easy, elegant appetizer. Perfect for special occasions, but it is quick and simple enough for any night.

Put a seafood spin on the classic with this artichoke langostino dip. Creamy and cheesy like the version everyone loves, but this one is also full of delicate langostino tails.

This langostino bisque recipe is one of our favorite langostino recipes. It’s easy enough for weeknight cooking, but elegant enough for special occasions.

Garlic butter langostino makes a quick and easy dinner or a delicious appetizer. A buttery lemon garlic sauce comes together in just 10 minutes, before adding the langostinos and parsley.

Just look at that creamy rice! This langostino risotto will be your new favorite special occasion meal.

A lightened up version of a classic restaurant sauce makes this langostino alfredo a tasty dinner that doesn’t sacrifice taste for fewer calories.

Langostino lobster rolls are a quick and easy version of a traditional lobster roll. They are also less expensive to make and there are no shells to crack!

This langostino étouffée is a twist on the traditional crawfish. Langostino are super sweet and buttery and they go so well with the flavors in this dish.

Langostino gumbo is a delicious and flavorful meal that is perfect for a chilly day. Full of veggies and delicate seafood, it is served with rice, hard boiled eggs and pickled okra.

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