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Langostinos are a fantastic addition to dishes where you would normally use shrimp, lobster or even crayfish. The flavor is similar to lobster, but has the firmness of a shrimp and they look a bit like crayfish. This crustacean is super versatile and incredibly tasty.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen them popping up more and more on restaurant menus. This page is a resource for restaurant-quality langostino recipes you can make at home.

Langostino étouffée with rice in bowl.

Langostino recipes

If you’ve encountered this delicious seafood, but you’re not sure what to do with it, I’ve got you covered. You can make anything from appetizers to sandwiches with them. 

They are also very versatile. The next time you are making a dish with shrimp or lobster, try it with langostino instead.

Langostino bruschetta with microgreens.

Langostino Appetizers and Soups

Certain occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are perfect for making something that feels a bit special. The langostino bisque is one that I make during the Christmas season almost every year.

Langostino bisque in white bowl.

Langostino Sandwiches

When you think of game days, like the Super Bowl, what do you think of? I think of the food. For me, that’s much more important than the game. You are sure to impress with any of these sandwiches.

I especially like to make the po’boy with crunchy, fried langostino during Mardi Gras!

Langostino po'boy on plate with blue background.

Langostino Main Dishes

Whether you are celebrating an occasion or no occasion at all, langostino recipes always make dinner feel extra special.

Langostino mac & cheese in red pot.

What is a langostino?

This can cause a bit of confusion. Technically speaking, a langostino and a langoustine aren’t quite exactly the same thing. The terms are used interchangeably, but if you get down to nitty gritty of it, they are not the same species.

Langostino look like crayfish, but they are not at all related. Plenty of folks have mistaken langostino for crayfish or crawfish because they look so much alike. They are not the same, even though they look very similar.

Langostino vs langoustine

The biggest difference between these two is where they live. Langoustines live in saltwater. Specifically, the cold northern Atlantic ocean. Harvesting them is hard work, which is why they can be pricey. They are harvested by hauling up traps.

Langostino gumbo in white crock bowls.

Are langostino and lobster the same?

Langostino is a term that can be used for a few varieties of crustaceans, depending where you are in the world. It can refer to a species of shrimp, although they are related to a crab. A langoustine is indeed in the lobster family.

Because langostinos taste similar to lobster, you can substitute in recipes. We will use the terms interchangeably because the food world tends to do this to avoid confusion.

Also, because I’m a Chef, not a scientist and most of what you will find is actually langostino or squat lobster. If you want to dig a little deeper and really get to know this crustacean, you can do a little reading about it here.

Pasta with langostinos and herbs.

Langostino recipes FAQ’s

How can I substitute langostino in a recipe?

The texture of langostino is more similar to shrimp than to lobster, if you plan to make this change. Shrimp has a slighter firmer texture, while lobster is a bit more delicate.

How do I thaw langostino tails?

Langostino tail meat (sometimes labeled as scampi) is often found already cooked and frozen. At this point, it is simply a matter of properly defrosting the tails and adding them to your dish. The safest way to thaw frozen food is in the refrigerator, but if you need it quickly, thaw under cold running water. Please do not thaw frozen food on the counter top.

Warm, buttered langostino rolls with capers and lemon.

Where can I find langostino for my recipes?

I have found them at Costco and Trader Joe’s. Although they can be difficult to find at your neighborhood fish market, you can ask your fishmonger to order them. The plus side of getting them at the places I mentioned are cost and convenience.

They are usually less expensive at both of these stores and they are also sold pre-cooked and frozen, which means all you have to do is thaw.

Cheesy langostino artichoke dip with tortilla chips.

Whether you are simply sautéing the tails in a bit of garlic, butter and herbs to add to a plate of pasta or you want to make an étouffée like the one above, you’ll need a few things. Below, I’ve listed a few pieces of equipment that I use in my own kitchen.

First, you’ll need a good chef’s knife for starters. This is exact knife that I own and use every day. Next, you will also need a set of fine mesh strainers to let the langostinos drain properly as they are defrosting.

Finally, a set of stainless steel mixing bowls is helpful as well. I use them to catch the liquid as they defrost as well as using them for mixing and storing.

Creamy langostino alfredo pasta in shallow gray bowl.

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