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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

This peanut butter banana smoothie will keep you going all morning until lunchtime and it is super simple to make. 5 minutes and a blender is all you need.
Those that know me know exactly how I feel about my bike.  I love it.  The very moment I’m in the saddle, the feeling of unabashed happiness floods over me.  It is without a doubt the thing that brings me the purest joy.  When I’m riding,  it’s all I think of.  My mind is completely clear of all the stresses life brings.  The wind on my face, the sound of my tires as they meet the pavement, the feel of the grips under my hands…  these are the things that make my soul sing.
Think back to your first bike… that first taste of freedom your bike allowed you.  For me, it was being able to go past the stop sign and all the way around the block.  Knowing that I was out of my mother’s line of sight was both thrilling and terrifying.  It wasn’t that I was up to anything that I shouldn’t have been, just that I was alone and free.
I’ll be doing my first big ride in a week and a half.  42 miles through the 5 boroughs of New York City.  The ride starts out in Manhattan winding our way through Central Park, past the Empire State Building and Radio City Music Hall before we head into the Bronx, down the FDR and over into Queens.   In Queens we will ride past Silvercup Studios and then head to Brooklyn (yay!).  Once we’re in Brooklyn,  we’ll ride along New York Harbor and over the Verrazano Bridge (thankfully NOT paying the $13 that it costs to use) and into Staten Island where the ride comes to an end.
view from the path
To get through this or any ride, you’ll need some energy and portable is always best where a bike is concerned.  I love a good smoothie and it’s a great way to give your body the fuel it needs.  I particularly like this one because it has a little bit of everything to keep you going,  it’s quick & easy and tastes pretty good too.
PB and Banana Smoothie (2)
Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

4 oz Greek Yogurt
3 TB Agave or Honey
1 ripe banana, cut into pieces & frozen
2-3 TB peanut butter
1 TB wheat germ
1 C. low-fat, soy or almond milk


Put everything into the blender and enjoy!

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