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How to ship cookies without breaking

Now that you’ve done the baking, it’s time to send those homemade cookies to friends and family. I’m going to show you how to ship cookies so they don’t break apart in the mail and how to pack them so they stay fresh for the lucky recipient.

How to ship cookies in the mail.

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How to ship cookies without breaking

There are a few tips and tricks to sending cookies in the mail. From guarding against breakage to avoiding stale cookies, we’re going to cover exactly how to ship cookies and keep them fresh.

To mail cookies, you’ll need the following:

  • Sturdy boxes to ship cookies – These are perfectly sized for the tin and/or bakery boxes that I recommend. They are 12 x 12 x 6, which gives you enough room for packing material to secure your baked goods.
  • Metal cookie tins – Cute metal tins with see through lids. I like these because they come in a 3 pack and they will fit perfectly inside the shipping boxes.
  • Brown bakery boxes – I have these exact boxes. They are quick to assemble and work well for cookies, brownies or Christmas candy.
  • Packing material, like honeycomb packing paper, peanuts, or bubble wrap – I use both.
  • Parchment paper – This is the parchment paper I use every single day in my kitchen.
Cookies in red and white striped metal tin.

I’m the queen of reusing boxes. I have a collection of them, but when I’m sending cookies, something delicate or perishable, I make sure that I use either a new box, or one that is like new. The last thing you want is to pack your cookies in a flimsy box.

A metal cookie tin will protect your baked goods during transit. Choose one that is appropriately sized so the treats don’t jostle around. Use small pieces of parchment or packing paper to fill in the gaps and to cushion your baked goods.

Preparing cookies for mailing without breaking.

Best cookies to send in the mail

First, we need to choose the best cookies for shipping. Those would be sturdy cookies, like a chocolate chip or oatmeal. Bar cookies, brownies and blondies are also great options.

As you are baking, or choosing what to bake, select the sturdier cookies for mailing to friends and family. This is your best chance to make sure the cookies arrive intact.

Sending delicate cookies like pizzelles can be difficult, but we’ll discuss that below.

Assorted Christmas cookies on white background.

How to pack cookies for mailing

  1. Make sure the packaging is food safe.
  2. Pack cookies in small bundles or pairs. Combine like flavors together, keep strong flavored items (like peppermint or gingerbread) away from items with subtler flavors.
  3. Wrap cookies in plastic wrap (or parchment paper – this is best for twice baked cookies, like biscotti).
  4. Place heavier cookies on the bottom of the tin.
  5. Fill shipping box with packing material like bubble wrap or crumpled paper to cushion cookie tin.

How to keep cookies fresh

The best way to ensure that your cookies don’t arrive stale is to bake them as close to mailing as possible and to wrap them tightly. Not sure how to wrap cookies individually?

Here’s how: I prefer to wrap them in plastic, in pairs. Put the bottoms of the cookies together and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

Place cookies in the center of a square of plastic wrap. Lift the bottom piece up to cover the cookies, then fold the top piece down. Tuck the sides underneath to secure it.

This will also help to keep the moisture in, so your cookies don’t dry out during transit.

Cookies packaged for mailing in metal tin.

It is imperative that cookies are completely cooled before packing. Factor in cooling time as well before packing up your treats for the mail.

If you prefer not to use plastic wrap, you could use parchment paper, however, the cookies will dry out. Parchment will help protect your baked goods, but it will not keep them fresh.

How to ship cookies in the mail Q&A

How to ship sugar cookies with breaking?

Drop style or roll out sugar cookies are fairly study. Wrap tightly in plastic and cushion with packing paper in a metal tin. Place the tin inside of a shipping box packed with bubble wrap and seal it up.

What is the best way to ship delicate cookies?

Thin, delicate cookies like pizzelles can be very difficult to send in the mail. My best advice would be to pack them in individual layers with foam sheets between each wrapped cookie to cushion them.
Line a metal tin with foam sheets or bubble wrap. Place one cookie in the center of the tin, top with a foam sheet and continue until you reach the top of the tin, ending with a foam sheet. Put the lid on the tin and tape it shut. Then pack in shipping box with packing materials.

How long will most cookies stay fresh?

Most cookies will stay fresh anywhere from 3 – 14 days, depending on the cookie. Take that into consideration when shipping. Biscotti is your best bet because they will taste fresh up to a week after they’ve arrived. Drop cookies, spritz cookies and shortbread also last a little over a week.

What is the best way to pack biscotti for sending in the mail?

Moisture is not good for biscotti. I wrap them with a piece of paper towel in the tin to absorb any moisture and keep them crisp.

The best cookies for shipping in red and white tin.

The BEST cookies for mailing

Now that you know to ship homemade cookies, here is a list of Christmas treats that would be perfect for sending in the mail.

Christmas rum balls in plastic gift bags ready for shipping in the mail.

Quick tips and tricks for shipping baked goods

  • Choose sturdier cookies. Avoid delicate cookies that break easily.
  • Bake cookies as close to sending as possible – this also helps ensure freshness.
  • Wrap them in plastic wrap or in small plastic gift bags – this helps to keep them fresh and also to contain any sprinkles, sanding sugar, etc.
  • Use parchment paper to line your cookie tin if not wrapping cookies individually, use small pieces of parchment to pack in the gaps.
  • Fill shipping box with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts to cushion cookie tin.

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