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18 Best Summer Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

Summertime means cold drinks and lots of them. Here are 18 of the best summer drinks to keep you hydrated all summer long. Whether you are a hosting a backyard BBQ or having a baby or bridal shower, you can’t host a party without drinks.

Summer gatherings usually involve a crowd and you want to have a variety of drinks available. That means offering alcohol-free options beyond water and soda, like some of the delicious beverages we have on this list.
pin image for best summer drinksBooze-free beverages don’t have to be boring. Just look at the color of this drink, wouldn’t you want a tall glass of that? Non-alcoholic drinks aren’t just for kids. You can make some pretty tasty beverages for grown-ups too and they won’t even miss the hooch.

Best Summer Drinks

I’m not a big drinker, especially when it’s hot. The heat of summer combined with alcohol doesn’t always work out well for me, so I usually stick to drinks of the unleaded variety. 

Everyone loves a glass of iced tea or lemonade; but why stick to those when you can make something different that your guests (or family) will remember? Non-alcoholic drinks can be incredibly delicious, so grab your glass and let’s make something good.

overhead shot of strawberry lemonade iced tea with bowl of strawberries for best summer drinks roundup
perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day, strawberry lemonade iced tea is a delicious way to stay hydrated

What do I need to make some of these drinks?

A few of these drinks require some special equipment. There are links below to a few of my favorite items that come in handy when making mocktails (or cocktails).

If you make a purchase through one of the affiliate links, I make a few pennies at no extra cost to you. Questions? Please see disclosure for info.

Summer Parties

Are you hungry? Do you need something to eat with that tasty mocktail? Here are some summertime recipes we’re enjoying right now: Mediterranean Orzo Salad / Lamb Burger with Tahini Yogurt Sauce / Summer Cherry Hand Pies / No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars / Coconut Yogurt Popsicles


Best Summer Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

18 of the most delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic summer beverages.

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